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Hyperpay Application Security Features

Full suite security audits done by professional & dedicated security teams in charge of daily operations

VPN web gateway, VPC environment, dedicated containerized computing resources and transparent data encryption

24x7 Cyber threat and situation awareness monitoring with continuous security vulnerability scan with CVE match database

Tier 6 Local Disaster Recovery solution using PPRC and XRC backup options

Orchestrated code quality and vulnerability scanning in CI/CD cycle

Abnormal data monitoring using behaviour detection module and blockchain based data integrity assurance module

Complete cold & hot wallet service segregation and isolation with dedicated observing wallets, minimizing wallet exposure

Employee due diligence program, continuous security awareness training and strict security operation procedures

Take Back Control and Transact

Instant Transactions
Instant transactions between HyperPay wallets
No Transaction FEES
No transaction fees between HyperPay wallets
ONE for All
Support 40 mainstream cryptocurrencies and more adding to the list
The Power to TRANSACT
Pay local and global merchants directly with cryptocurrency