Payments you and your customers can agree on.

By providing customers options in transactions, your business can take a leading position and prepare for the next era in payments.


The sector is undergoing a dramatic shift away from cards and towards mobile digital wallets with major countries leaving Australia behind.


Disruption brings significant teething problems for retailers, both globally and locally. HyperPay is developing solutions for merchants and service providers to receive payments from customers unlike any other paymentsprovider.


Bitcoin has entered the mainstream and is currently making notable inroads as an viable currency alternative for tomorrow’s consumers. Other digital currencies are rapidly following to bring about a new age for global commerce and and international trade.



To effectively service your customers, businesses can take a leading position and stake claim to being one of the early adopters. But unlike most transformations, the upfront cost of integration is nominal, if anything at all.


Servicing your customers with the payment methods they will demand in the future has become the most vital financial consideration for today’s business operators.


HyperPay offers a solution for the ever expanding range of payment choices your customers are facing whether they are local or just visiting.


If your customers hold assets in digital currency, converting into your local currency can be troublesome and may cause issues with banking and accounting. HyperPay will take care of thesettlement of transactions and relieve your business of the concerns that digital currency exchanges may involve.


To find out how you can start including digital currency and third party payments into your payment options, contact us today.

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