Destruction of HPY for Exchanging Boost Coupons in September 2020
19 Oct 2020
Dear users,
HyperPay officially launched the Boost Coupon function on Dec 27, 2019. Users use HPY tokens to exchange Boost Coupons which can be used to increase the interest income of corresponding investment products.
In order to effectively promote the market circulation and application value of HPY tokens, HyperPay team decided to destroy the HPY obtained from exchanging Boost Coupons. All the HPY obtained in the previous month will be destroyed together this month from time to time.
Destruction address is as follows: QT1111111111111111111111111164wEf2. 
From September 1 to September 30, 2020, users redeemed a total of 894,000 HPY for Boost Coupons, and HyperPay team has transferred all to the destruction address.
After that, the HPY destruction plan will be carried out monthly. Please pay attention to the official announcement. Thank you for your support!
HyperPay Team

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