13% Annualized Return! USDT Stablecoin Referral&investment Is Coming
05 Feb 2020

Dear HyperPay users:


HyperPay will launch USDT Stablecoin Referral&investment on Feb 5 at 20:00(UTC+8). Users will get 20% commission of friends investment reward after you successfully invite friends to participate. Details are as follows:


Investment Period and Annualized Return: 30(11%) /90(12%) /180(13%) (days)

Amount: 1,000,000 USDT

Individual Limit: 100 USDT MIN

Launch Time: 20:00 (UTC+8) 5/Feb/2020

Commission Rate: 20%


Rewards Distribution:

  • Join HyperPay Telegram group(https://t.me/HyperPay_En) to get invitation code; or ask users who have already participated for invitation code.
  •  Earnings of purchased investment product will be accumulated in the way of T+1, which means the accumulation starts after 48 hours after the transferring. Withdraw is not allowed during the period, and both principal and interest will be transferred to your personal wallet together after the maturity.

HyperPay Team

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