Announcement on Buying Back HyperPay Token
18 Mar 2019

Dear HyperPay users,


HyperPay is about to propose an HPY buying back&destruction mechanism, which will be carried out quarterly. The amount of buy-backs is based on this year’s net profit and each quarter’s amount will be posted in the last quarter.


The annual target of 2019 is to buy back 50 million HPY. For the first quarter, the plan is to buy back 10 million HPY. The destruction address is QT1111111111111111111111111164wEf2.


In addition, as HyperPay wallet develops further, we plan to expand HPY uses, including but not limited to P2P Loan, PoS Mining Pool, BitEarn and Instant Exchange. Specific uses of each will be released on the basis of wallet development progress. Please stay tuned!


HyperPay Team

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