POS 15% Annualized Reward! NULS PoS Reward&Instant Exchange Available Now
28 Mar 2019

Dear HyperPay users,

HyperPay will start NULS PoS Reward and the annualized reward is 15%. You can deposit and withdraw at any time, and there is no threshold of mining. Also, NULS instant exchange is now available in HyperPay wallet. You can exchange between NULS and USDT in the best price and do not need to switch interfaces.


Details about NULS PoS Reward:

Reward: 15% Annualized Reward

Investment Period: Deposit&withdraw at any time

Total&Personal Limit: Unlimited

Reward Distribution: The reward will start accumulate right after your assets are transferred to the PoS, and will be issued after 24 hours on a daily basis. NULS PoS reward will be paid out daily into the PoS account.
HyperPay Team

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