HyperPay Launches PoS ETF Index Fund
12 Jun 2020
HyperPay launches PoS ETF Index Fund on Jun 12(UTC+8). PoS ETF is an index fund issued by HyperFin that comprehensively reflects the Staking income and price changes of mainstream PoS currencies. HyperFin selects 10 outstanding PoS currencies as investment targets based on the market value, turnover volume, community popularity and other factors of the PoS currency, and configures the investment portfolio to form a PoS ETF index fund by allocating the proportion of each PoS currency fund. The PoS currency and the proportion of funds in the PoS ETF are updated from time to time based on the performance of PoS ETF incomes.
Holding PoS ETF only represents the user holding the income of Staking and currency price change of the PoS currency, not holding the PoS currency. The purchase and redemption are settled in USDT. HyperFin, as the fund manager of the PoS ETF index fund, holds PoS currencies and performs staking operations for its users, reinvesting the Staking income on daily basis. HyperFin charges 1% as the fund management service fee when redeeming the fund.
Product Advantages
1. Low threshold that small funds are available;
2. Invest USDT, earn USDT;
3. One click to hold 10 high-quality PoS currency portfolio returns to spread the risk of holding a single currency;
4. Quick and simple, get rid of the cumbersome operations of staking;
5. No term, buy and sell without limitation, funds freer.
Investment Rules
PoS ETF issuance price: 1 USDT
PoS ETF real-time price = A-currency configuration quantity * A-currency real-time price + B-currency configuration quantity * B-currency real-time price + …… + N-currency configuration quantity * N-currency real-time price
Daily returns (USDT) = shares of holding * (A-currency configuration quantity * A-currency daily rate * A-currency settlement price + B-currency configuration quantity * B-currency daily rate * B-currency settlement price + ... + N-currency Configuration quantity * N-currency daily rate * N-currency settlement price)
Returns conversion shares = daily returns (USDT) / PoS ETF settlement price
Settlement price: Take the average value of prices at 0, 6, 12 and 18 o’clock as the daily settlement price of PoS currency and PoS ETF
Returns rule: Buy before 24:00 on the T-day, gain on the T+1-day, and the returns are automatically converted into equivalent PoS ETF shares. The returns converted shares generates new returns on the T+2-day, forming compound interest.
Redemption rule: There is a waiting period for redemption, and funds are frozen during the waiting period. 1% of the redemption amount is charged as the fund management service fee.
Risk Warning
HyperPay launches PoS ETF, an index fund product to adapt to the specific investment demands of low-risk bearers in the market. It has the advantages of simple operation, low investment threshold, low risk, automatic compound interest, and short redemption cycle. It is suitable for New investors or long-term value investing crowds, but PoS ETF is a non-guaranteed product so that investors need to measure their own risk tolerance when purchasing this product.
June 12, 2020

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